25-26 AUGUST 2005




Programme Director: Dr. P Mhlathi: Deputy-Director-General: HR, National Department of Health

08:00-08:50 :Registration

08:50-09:00 : Opening Prayer Father S Mkhatshwa Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane

09:00-09:15: Welcome Father S Mkhatshwa Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane

09:15-09:20: Introduction of the Father S Mkhatshwa ,MEC of Health Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane

09:20-09:50 : Opening Address Dr. G Ramokgopa, MEC for Health Gauteng Province

09:50-10:30: Key Note Address Mr. S Barnett Director NHS Employers, UK

10:30-11:00: TEA

11:00-11:20: Overview of SAIHCM Mrs. I Asia Chief Executive Officer


Co-Chairperson: Mr. A Ramukumba, Chairperson, SAIHCM Board

Room 1

11:20-12:30: Track 1

Dr. V Shaw Improving Access to Information Manager For Managers – Reflection on a Health Information Systems Programme Project in the Eastern Cape Hospitals

Track 1:

Dr. E Kenoshi Pretoria Academic Hospital: Chief Executive Officer The Long Road to Excellence Pretoria Academic Hospital

DAY 1 (Cont.)

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. P Barron, HST Co-Chairperson: Mr. BJA Asia, Director: Districts and Development, DoH

Room 2

11:20-13:00 : Track 2 Mr. B Makan District Health Plans as a Health Economist Management Tool Management Sciences for Health Integrated PHC Project

Track 2:

Mr. S Shuping Consolidation of Primary Health Acting Head Care to Strengthen the District Free State Department of Health Health System

Track 2:

Dr. T Wilson Implementing and Executing the Chief Director Rural Health Strategy Districts and Development National Department of Health

13:00-13:15 Plenary Session Prof. S Naidoo

Track 1 : WITS

13:15-13:30 : Plenary Session Mr. BJA Asia Track 2 Director: Districts and Development National Department of Health

13:30-13:40 : Announcements Dr. P Mhlathi Deputy Director –General: HR National Department of Health

13:40-14:40 LUNCH

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. N Mbananga, Executive Manager: Informatics and Knowledge Management, MRC

Co-Chairperson: Prof. J Mekwa: University of Cape Town

14:45-15:45 :Track 3

Dr. C Seebregts Knowledge Management in Manager: Support of Evidence-Based Biomedical Informatics Research Patient, Treatment, Faculty Medical Research Council and Health System Management

Track 3:

Ms. Lyn Hanmer eHealth for Africa? Manager: Health Informatics and Opportunities and Challenges R & D Co-ordinator for SA Health Care Managers Medical Research Council

15:45-16:00 : Plenary Session Dr. N Mbananga

Track 3:

Executive Manager: Informatics and Knowledge Management Medical Research Council

16:00-16:15: Closing Remarks Dr. P Mhlathi Deputy Director-General: HR National Department of Health

16:15: TEA

16:30-18:00 : Annual General Meeting Mr. A Ramukumba Chairperson SAIHCM Board

19:30-late Cocktail function


FRIDAY 26 August 2005

PROGRAMME DIRECTOR: Dr. N Manzini: Head of Health, Limpopo Province

09:00-09:30 Overview of Day 1 Dr. P Mahlathi Deputy Director-General: HR National Department of Health

09:30-10:15 District Health System Mrs. I Asia Management Development: Chief Executive Officer Getting the Basics Right SAIHCM

10:15-11:00 The Challenges of Human Dr. P Mhlathi Resources Planning in the Deputy Director-General: HR National Health System National Department of Health

11:00-11:30 TEA

CHAIRPERSON: Prof. SJH Hendricks, Deputy Director-General, SAMDI

Room 1

11:30-12:30 : Track 3:

Dr. M Molefe Telemedicine Experience in Director: Telemedicine South Africa Medical Research Council

Track 3 :

Mr. R Bayard Employing Biometrics and John Snow International Smart Card Technology for ART Patient Tracking in Resource Limited Settings

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. G Wolfaardt, Executive Director, FPD

Room 2

11:30-12:30 : Track 4 Dr. A Mckenzie IMPACT – Improved Management Consultant Through Participatory Appraisal Health Partners International and Continuous Transformation The Nigerian Experience.

Track 4 Ms. S Huluman Social Dialogue in the Public Secretary Sector: The South African Public Sector Co-ordinating Bargaining Experience Council

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. N Manzini, Head of Health: Limpopo Province

Room 3

11:30-12:30 Track 4:

Prof. S Whitaker Quality Assurance in Health Care Chief Executive Officer COHSASA

Track 4:

Advocate K Warroll-Clare Health Charter Acting Chief Executive Officer Hospital Association of South Africa

12:30-13:00 : Plenary Session Prof. SJH Hendricks Track 4 Deputy Director-General SAMDI

13:00-13:30 The Way Forward Dr. G Wolvaardt Treasurer: SAIHCM Board

DAY 2 (Cont.)

13:30-13:45 Vote of thanks Mr. A Ramukumba Chairperson SAIHCM, Board of Directors

13:45-14:00 Closing remarks Prof. SJH Hendricks Deputy Director-General SAMDI



15:00-18:00 Workshop: Mrs. L Wolvaardt Corporate Governance Senior Lecturer (SAIHCM Board of Directors) University of Pretoria

The law of navigation

“Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course. Using a fail-safe compass, Scott led his team of adventurers to the end of the earth – and to inglorious deaths. They would have lived if only he, their leader, had known the law of navigation.” John C Maxwell